Angular directive to display a inline help block, quick demo here:
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Angular help block directive

Angular help block directive demo

Quick Demo

A directive that will help you display your help blocks inline. Read more about it here.


  1. Include ng-help-block.js.
  2. Include ng-help-block.css.
  3. Add dm.helpBlock as a dependency to your app.
  4. Profit!

... 5. (optional) Include ngAnimate as a dependency to animate the help block toggling.


Installable via bower:

bower install ng-help-block


See index.html for an example.

<section help-block help-block-title="Here to help" help-block-content="Help content"></section>

Title icon

You can pass a 'title' icon to the directive via the help-block-icon-class attribute. In the example index.html font-awesome is used.

<section help-block help-block-title="{{title}}" help-block-content="{{content}}" help-block-icon-class="fa fa-question-circle"></section>

Further customization

The class expanded will be appended to the directive container when the help block is toggled. To override the directive styles you can customize the following:

  • .hb-row -> the directive container
  • .hb-row.expanded -> the directive container when toggled
  • .hb-title -> the directive title
  • .hb-content -> the directive content

Check out index.css for the full list of CSS props.

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