Mobile Sensor Data EngiNe (MOSDEN) is a mobile middleware that is capable of collecting sensor data. Through plugin architecture MOSDEN can retrieve data from both external and internal sensors.
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MOSDEN is the Android mobile version of of GSN. Security elements has been removed and a plugin architecture has been introduced. Plugins can be installed separately.

Plugin wrapper has been developed and added to the conf/

.aidl files are used to do the binding.

IFunction.aidl contains the main plugin structure.

package au.csiro.gsnlite;

import au.csiro.gsnlite.beans.DataField4Plugins;
import au.csiro.gsnlite.beans.StreamElement4Plugins;

interface IFunction {
  DataField4Plugins[] getDataStructure();
  StreamElement4Plugins[] getReadings();

However any import chould have thir own aidl files


package au.csiro.gsnlite.beans;

parcelable DataField4Plugins;


package au.csiro.gsnlite.beans;

parcelable StreamElement4Plugins;

Related papers:

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