A template to create website style guides.
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nGen Works style guide template


A template to create simple website style guides.

Add, remove, or modify the markup in guide.html to your liking, then style accordingly.

Includes some starter styles that you can use as a starting point or throw out. The important part is the HTML file, which includes a comprehensive list of common elements used in web projects.

Acts as a great starting point for designing your type conventions, form elements, and other site modules wihout the wasteful, inaccurate, and evil crutch of Photoshop.

I use this very early in my design process. It works nice as an early design deliverable and can be applied directly to your site. (I would normally apply these styles to our Live Wires wireframe/prototype). Saves time, looks great, and get's you thinking about designing systems rather than pages.


(If you wish to start with these styles)

  1. Drop these files in your web project and adjust config.rb to line up with your desired folder layout (I like to keep my scss folder above the webroot and have it compile into httpdocs/css).
  2. Setup Codekit, Compass.app or similar to watch config.rb and compile the starter styles.
  3. Open httpdocs/guide.html in your browser to view the style guide.
  4. Set colours, typefaces, grid variables, etc in source/scss/settings/_variables.scss
  5. Fine tune typography, forms, tables, callouts, etc in source/scss/ui
  6. Adjust the style guide itself in source/scss/pages/style-guide.scss (setup colour swatches, font order, grids shown, etc)

Everything should compile into two CSS files:

httpdocs/css/style.css combines everything except source/scss/pages/style-guide.scss for direct use in your website.

httpdocs/css/style-guide.css is compiled from source/scss/pages/style-guide.scss which only applies to the style guide page itself.

Remember, this is just a suggested starting point to get you going. Go ahead and add or remove sections as needed. If you don't like the defaults, go ahead and fork your own version.

Read how I use this in my design workflow


This library uses the following:

Huge thanks to the people that work on these great tools and release them to the world for free. Also, thanks to: