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@tatsuhiro-t tatsuhiro-t released this Nov 27, 2016 · 890 commits to master since this release

  • lib: Disallow content-length in 1xx, 204, or 200 to a CONNECT request (GH-722)
  • lib: Avoid memcpy against NULL src
  • build: MSVC version resource support (Patch from Remo E) (GH-718)
  • asio: server: Call on_close callback on connection close (GH-729)
  • nghttpx: Fix frequent crash with --backend-http-proxy-uri
  • nghttpx: Robust backend read timeout
  • nghttpx: Fix bug that mishandles response header from h1 backend
  • nghttpx: Fix bug that zero-length POST is not forwarded (GH-726)
  • nghttpx: Remove optional reason-phrase from SPDY :status
  • nghttpx: Header key and value must be string in mruby script
  • nghttpx: Strip content-length with 204 or 200 to CONNECT in mruby (GH-722)
  • nghttpx: Strict handling for Content-Length or Transfer-Encoding in h1 (GH-722)
  • nghttpx: Fix compilation with BoringSSL (Patch from dalf) (GH-717)
  • nghttpd, nghttpx, asio: Add missing mandatory SP after status code
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