Python API (via HTTP requests) for Oregon State University's class registration system
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OSU-Registration Library

Library to work as API to the Oregon State's registration system. I want to this to serve as a tool for other long-suffering students who want to streamline registration/class management.


First be sure you have the module lxml as it is a dependency for parsing the html.

git clone
cd OSU-Registration
sudo python install


Working with the library is just instantiating the class and calling it's member functions


First import the module

import registration

Set up variables with your student id and password for the registration website.

sid = '930608334'
pin = '431254'

Instantiate the class

registration_class = registration.infosu(sid, pin)


When the registration_class is instantiated it fetches the transcript access it like this:


The get_transcript function updates the transcript

registration_class.transcript.grades  #Print out a list of classes you have taken with grades
registration.transcript.credits #Print out how many credits you have

You can use the transcript to check if you have already taken a class or not.

transcript.has_class('cs', '162')
transcript.has_passed_class('cs', '162')

Or you can use it to see your grade distribution



When the registration_class object is instantiated it fetches your current schedule

registration_class.schedule.schedule #get dictionary of days of the week

The get_schedule function updates the schedule that your registration_class objects has

schedule.current_classes #Array of classes and details of classes you are taking
schedule.schedule	 #Array of your weekly schedule


The class_search function searches for a class using the Department name and the Course number.

registration_class.class_search('cs', '261')

Or you can search for a class that does not conflict with your current schedule

registration_class.class_search_schedule('cs', '261')

Adding a class

The add_class function takes a up to CRNs and tries to add the class, returns True or False


Possible Schedules(partially functional - works for lectures)

The make_schedule will return all possible non-conflicting combinations for a list of classes. This function takes a array of classes, a optional arguement for the term. If no arguement is given it will assume the current term.

registration_class.make_schedule(['cs 261', 'fr 213', 'cs 275', 'mth 232']) #current term
registration_class.make_schedule(['cs 162', 'mth 111'], 'F12') # This will return the combinations for fall 2012

Major Requirements

The get_major_requirements function gets a list of classes that you need to take in order to graduate

audit = registration_class.get_major_requirements()