SIP-Client for Android (based on CSipSimple)
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Android Client

It's a SIP softphone based on CSipSimple created with the intention of automating the configuration of a ng-voice account.

It consists of a series of classes which are capable of connecting via HTTPS to a REST API using a one-time login to fetch every account and information needed to create a local SIP account on the softphone.

This project is a work in progress.


Apart from the very well known features of the Csipsiple softphone, this custom version has:

  • one click configuration using a unique login credential
  • every account is configured automatically. Special for those who are not used to SIP terminology
  • custom codec list selection for NB and WB
  • mobile push notifications using Google Cloud Messaging. This allows us to trigger configuration reloading, registration and unregistration on demand, etc.
  • auto-waking-up to receive calls if needed (using GCM)
  • autoload configuration by reading a QR code (zero typing configuration)
  • video plugin enabled by default


Splash screen

Login screen

Scanning QR code


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