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A Windows-like transformation pack for LXDE
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My goal is to provide an easy way to migrate from Windows 7/8 to GNU/Linux, without having a high end pc. Everything is done using the less resource-intensive software available, always trying to keep as much functionality as possible. It is meant to be used in LXDE/Openbox, so don't expect to have neither rounded corners nor exactly the same look and feel as in Windows. That's not even a secondary goal.


  • LXPanel
  • LXSession (>= 0.4.9)(icons, gtk theme and cursor)
  • PCManFM (wallpaper)
  • Compton
  • Openbox
  • SLiM (for login screen)

If you wanna say "Thanks" in a funny way, please donate in Doge Coins here: DCe1FfwLR33n1Smio2RJZdyTHk3TP8ZRFd

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