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Getting Started 🚀



$ npm install --save @toast-ui/select-box # Latest version
$ npm install --save @toast-ui/select-box@<version> # Specific version

Via Contents Delivery Network (CDN)

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>



<div id="container"></div>


Using namespace in browser environment

const SelectBox = tui.SelectBox;

Using module format in node environment

const SelectBox = require('@toast-ui/select-box'); /* CommonJS */
import SelectBox from '@toast-ui/select-box'; /* ES6 */

Creating a select box

const container = document.getElementById('container');

const selectBox = new SelectBox(container, {
  data: [
      label: 'Fruits',
      data: [ { label: 'Apple', value: 'apple', selected: true }, { label: 'Banana', value: 'banana' } ]

console.log(selectBox.getSelectedItem().getLabel()); // 'Apple'

You can create an instance with options and call various APIs after creating an instance. For more information, please see here.

Group related options

TOAST UI SelectBox supports an one-level group to group related options. To make a group, you can use itemGroupData into data option.

const selectBox = new SelectBox('#select-box', {
  data: [
      // item group
      label: 'Fruits',
      data: [
        { label: 'Apple', value: 'apple', selected: true }, // item in the item group
        { label: 'Banana', value: 'banana' } // item in the item group
    { label: 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.', value: 'none' }, // item

The above code creates a select box like the one below.


Please refer to the data option and itemGroupData. The example using item groups can be found here.

Customize the styles

TOAST UI SelectBox provides theme option to easily customize the SelectBox. To set custom styles, you can use theme option when you create an instance of SelectBox.

const selectBox = new SelectBox('#select-box', {
  theme: {
    'common.border': '1px solid black',
    'common.color': 'black',
    'input.showIcon': false,
    'item.highlighted.background': 'yellow'

The above code creates a select box like the one below.


Please refer to the theme option and themeConfig. The example using theme can be found here.

Use custom events

TOAST UI SelectBox provides some custom events: open, close, disable, enable, change.

You can bind event handlers by selectBox.on(eventName, handler) and unbind by, handler). Refer to the CustomEvents document at tui-code-snippet to know how to bind and unbind custom events.

// bind 'change' event
selectBox.on('change', ev => {
  console.log(`selected item is changed from ${ev.prev.getLabel()} to ${ev.curr.getLabel()}.`);

// bind 'disable' and enable event
const print = ev => {
  let target = '';
  if ( instanceof SelectBox) {
    target = 'Select box';
  } else {
    target =;
  console.log(`${target} is ${ev.type}.`);
  disable: print,
  enable: print

// unbind change event'change');

// unbind disable event, print);

// unbind all events;

The example using custom events can be found here.