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Toast UI CodeSnippet

tui-code-snippet is group of utility methods to make ease with developing javascript applications.

It includes several features like class simulation, browser detecting, type checking and +30 more.

tui-code-snippet supports IE8+ and modern browsers and already has been used for open source javascript components and many commercial projects in NHN corporation.


  • browser.js
    • Browser detecting modules
  • collection.js
  • Modules to Process collecitons
  • Support util methods for collecitons
  • customEvent.js
  • Custom event modules
  • Add/Remove/fire custom events
  • defineClass.js
  • Defined classes module
  • enum.js
  • Const value modules
  • Making immutability values but IE8 low
  • func.js
  • Function modules
  • hashMap.js
  • Hash map modules
  • Managing data by key/value
  • inheritance.js
    • Simple inheritance modules (Nicholas C. Zakas, YUI Library)
    • Call supur constructor of superclass
    • Have to get inheritance before define child
    • Using mixin and inner object
  • object.js
  • Object modules
  • Support utils to control object
  • string.js
  • String processing modules
  • Support utils such as decodeHTMLEntity, encodeHTMLEntity
  • type.js
  • Check data type
  • window.js
  • Window object modules
  • You need 'postDataBridgeUrl' options to avoid IE11 popup form submit bug.
  • Different domain have x-domain issue.
  • defineNamespace.js
  • Support utils to define namespace
  • formatDate.js
  • Formating date strings modules
  • defineModule.js
  • Support utils to define modules


Tested Browsers

  • browser:
    • IE8 ~ IE11
    • Edge
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari


Use npm

Install the latest version using npm command:

$ npm install tui-code-snippet --save

or want to install the each version:

$ npm install tui-code-snippet@<version> --save

To access as module format in your code:

var util = require('tui-code-snippet');

Use bower

Install the latest version using bower command:

$ bower install tui-code-snippet

or want to install the each version:

$ bower install tui-code-snippet#<tag>

To access as namespace format in your code:

var util = tui.util;




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