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NHS-R Community

A community for analysts and data scientists working in the UK's Health Sector and using R

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The NHS-R Community started in 2018 to promote the use of R in the NHS and the community has grown rapidly ever since. It is a community that is broader than the NHS as members come from public sector organisations across the UK, including Local Authorities and Civil Service, as well as academics and voluntary sector people who have an interest in healthcare. Whilst R is a core language for support by the community, there is always support for data science tools more generally, particularly where they cross over with R.

This repository hosts much of the community's work including packages and training materials, whilst the badges above all link to other sites which the community is involved with. Contributions to any work from the NHS-R Community is always very welcome.

Statement on Tools Book Open Analytics Resources Health Inequalities Notebook NHS-R training book

Demos and How-tos Code examples

CRAN packages

NHSRplotthedots package NHSRdatasets package

🚧 Work in progress 🚧

NHSRpopulation package NHSRpostcodetools package NHSRepisodes package NHSRtheme package


  1. intro-r-rstudio intro-r-rstudio Public

    This is a second edition of the Introduction to R and R Studio material which is extended for data manipulation and broken into smaller chapters to offer greater flexibility for trainers. The link …

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  2. intro_r_data intro_r_data Public

    data for the intro_r course

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  3. intro-quarto intro-quarto Public

    Introduction to Quarto based on the Introduction to RMarkdown materials

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  4. intro_quarto_data intro_quarto_data Public

    R 1

  5. intro-git-github intro-git-github Public

    Introduction to Git and Github using RStudio and R

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  6. shiny-training shiny-training Public

    One day Shiny training for health and care analysts

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