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Laravel Starter Template
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Laravel 4.x

A Framework For Web Artisans

Official Documentation (Under Active Development)

Starter Template Usage

This starter template is designed to get you up and going with Laravel 4 as quickly as possible. Laravel 4 has removed certain functionality that was available in Laravel 3. The reason was due to duplication of work.

This package includes these "missing features".

Now that Laravel 4 is using Composer (php equivalent of node's NPM or Ruby's RVM), you can add any required functionality to your app via Composer packages (Laravel itself is a Composer package and so are its dependencies).

Clone the Laravel 4 Starter Template wherever you want to start your project.
    git clone name-of-project
    cd name-of-project

This is a good starting point for Laravel 4 projects.

Install Composer inside your project directory.
    curl -s | php
Install all required packages.
    php composer.phar install
Git to work! :)

Added Packages

  1. raveren/kint
  2. PHPunit

dd() is no longer available in L4, so I've included Kint which is a great debugging helper.

For running tests, PHPunit is required, so I've added it to dev. To install, run:

    php composer.phar install --dev

Then within your project directory, run 'phpunit' (without quotes) to run the example tests included with L4. See the Unit testing L4 docs for more info.

Contributing To Laravel

All issues and pull requests should be filed on the laravel/framework repository.


The Laravel framework is open-sourced software license under the MIT license

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