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Lateral theme 0.6.0

Yellow theme with fixed sidebar


How do I install this?

  1. Download and install Yellow.
  2. Download Lateral theme. If you are using Safari, right click and select 'Download file as'.
  3. Copy into your system/themes folder.
  4. Open system/config/config.ini and change Theme: lateral.

To uninstall delete the theme files and set default settings.

How to use lateral theme?

Lateral works with the custom navigation-sidebar or with a custom sidebar.txt. Learn more.

How the fixed sidebar works?

The body/page wrapper is centered, and the sidebar is fixed with margin-left:-13em;.

A scroll bar appears when the fixed sidebar is higher than the web browser window.

You can disable the fixed position in lateral.css: found the class.with-sidebar .sidebar and change position:fixed; to position:absolute;.

Is it responsive?

Sidebar is not displayed on small screen (take a look at @media screen and (max-width:32em)).

I suggest to install the burger menu by Richi.

How to use a central sidebar?

Not sure if this trick working with latest Yellow 0.6.9

Issue #102 - If you want a central sidebar, adjust the header snippet. For example replace:

<?php if($page = $yellow->pages->find($yellow->lookup->getDirectoryLocation($yellow->page->location).$yellow->page->get("sidebar"))) $yellow->page->setPage("sidebar", $page) ?>

with this line:

<?php if($page = $yellow->pages->find('/'.$yellow->page->get("sidebar"))) $yellow->page->setPage("sidebar", $page) ?>