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Nicesi API

This GitHub repository acts as the public issue tracker for the Nicesi API.

API Documentation 📖 | Sign-up

Table of Contents

Open issues

New Open Issues | Open Bugs | Open Suggestions | Open Documentation Requests | Open Questions

If you want to show your support for suggestions or requests, please add a thumbs up reaction instead of commenting “+1”. This way the reporter and other commenters doesn't get bombarded with notifications.

Creating an issue

If you’ve found a bug in the API, or have ideas on how we could improve it, please create a GitHub issue and fill out the required information. It’s greatly appreciated.

We will triage the request and mark it as one of the following types:

  • bug — Unexpected behaviour relating to the API that can be reproduced by Nicesi.
  • suggestion — Requests for additional functionality or changes in the API that has been acknowledged by Nicesi.
  • documentation — Requests for changes to documentation that has been acknowledged by Nicesi.
  • question — Relates to the API, but does not fit into the above categories.

Depending on the outcome, we will mark it as the following status:

  • wontfix — We will close the issue, as this isn’t expected to be considered in the next 6 months. Any progress in the future will be posted on respective issues even after it is closed.
  • offtopic — We will close this issue, as this does not relate specifically to the API. Where possible, we will direct you to the correct issue tracker / location.
  • duplicate — We will close the issue, as this has already been asked and to consolidate all discussions. We will reference the respective issues to guide you and any other visitors to a single issue for updates.
  • more info needed — We require more information from the reporter in order to make progress. We will close it if no response is made within 2 weeks.
  • inactive — The issue requires more information and has received no engagement after some period of time, and we will close the issue. If reporter wishes to raise issue at a later point, they can create a new issue and reference.

Frequently asked questions

I have a non-technical issue with Nicesi. Is this the right place to post them?

Unfortunately not; our GitHub issue trackers do not provide support for non-technical Nicesi questions. Please send email us. Posting them here will result in them being closed as offtopic.

I’m an official Nicesi partner and I have a technical question. Is this the right place to post them?

This repository only deals with public-facing APIs. Partnership-specific questions don’t belong here as this is a public forum; please contact your Nicesi partner manager.

How long does it take for my issue to be addressed?

Typically, we aim to start investigating all new issues within one week (except during holiday periods).

How do I get my feature request added?

Given the scale of Nicesi, not all feature requests can be added. It’s important to note that all feedback is extremely valued and whilst we have implemented many suggestions from the community, we cannot make any guarantees for suggestions.

Why was my issue closed?

All of the reasons issues might be closed are mentioned in Creating an issue above, which will explain the whole process better.

Other developer support forums

Our issue trackers on GitHub is the official developer support channel for Nicesi. There are, however, other community programming forums you can share your issues on:

  • Stack Overflow — Mark your issues under the nicesi tag. Though we do occasionally answer questions there, this is not an official developer support channel for Nicesi.

Stay tuned in

For Nicesi developer-related announcements, subscribe to our Developer Newsletter.

*Documentation page was inspired by Spotify


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