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BoxeeBox PHP JSONRPC SDK by Nicholas Robinson

This project houses a fully functional and re-usable PHP SDK for the BoxeeBox JSONRPC API. Several examples are included as suggestions for possible uses and to help get you started. My hope is that given the prevalence of PHP and the ease of access to web server technologies this SDK will increase and diversify the number of devices that can interact with the BoxeeBox. 

To see it in action go here (sockets are disabled for safety):

The JSON RPC API replaces the soon-to-be-deprecated HTTP API, but can be combined with it to utlize the UDP-XML discovery protocol and other useful features. Why not have a look at to see what differences exist between the two APIs?

- PHP 5.2+
- Web Server (optional)

- Download/Clone project folder
- Place in your web root (optional)
- Run the the example scripts (found in the "Examples/" folder) in your web browser or from the command line
- Make sure to utilize Examples/browser.php to get familiar with the API

Please Note: 

For simplicity of cross-platform implementation/compatibility there is no attempt to handle state within the SDK. As a result connection state must be handled by your implementation (examples are included with the SDK). Furthermore Boxee API push Notifications are not readily available.

To maintain connection state there are many options, including:
- Browser Cookies
- PHP Sessions
- Local Storage
- Databases
- HTML Form submission [POST/GET] (as shown in Examples/complex.php)
- Javascript (as shown in Examples/keypress.php and Examples/browser.php)

Please let me know if you find this useful or come up with any novel implementations.


Nicholas Robinson

P.S. You 'could' host your BoxeeBox JSONRPC application on the public internet and control your BoxeeBox from anywhere. If you choose to go this route, please consider the security implications of potentially allowing anyone on the internet to control your BoxeeBox.