Nichrome: A Solver for Mixed Hard and Soft Constraints
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Currently Nichrome supports two engines: ALPS and MLN. ALPS is an interactive synthesis engine for inductive logic programs (e.g. Datalog), and MLN is an engine for solving a system of mixed hard and soft constraints, which are widely used applications from MLNs (Markov Logic Networks) and PSLs (Probabilistic Soft Logic) areas.


Nichrome depends on the following environment and library:

  • Java 1.6 or later.
  • PostgreSQL 9.3.4 or later.
  • A weighted partial MaxSAT solver. Any MaxSAT solver using input and output format specified by the MaxSAT evaluation suffices. We recommend MiFuMaX.
  • LBX.
  • (Optional) MCSLs.
  • (Optional) Gurobi.
  • Z3.

Note: if you are only using the ALPS engine, Z3 should be sufficient.


cd main; ant


To use Nichrome MLN engine, we need to first install and configure the PostgreSQL database, and provide a configuration file to help Nichrome find the software it depends on.

  1. Install PostgreSQL. Download and unpack the source of PostgreSQL. Let PG_DIST be the path where the source is unpaked and PG_INSTALL be the path where you want PostgreSQL to be installed, then build and install PostgreSQL as follows:

     cd PG_DIST
     ./configure –prefix=PG_INSTALL
     make; make install 
     cd PG_DIST/contrib/intarray 
     make; make install				
     cd PG_DIST/contrib/intagg 
     make; make install

Then configure PostgreSQL as follows:

	cd PG_INSTALL/bin
	./initdb -D ../data
	./pg_ctl -D ../data/ -l ../log  start
	./createuser -s -P Nichrome
	# Provide a password you like, e.g., Nichrome
	./createdb Nichromedb
  1. Define a configuration file. Below is an example configuration file, which we will refer to as "Nichrome.conf".

     db_url = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/Nichromedb
     # Database username; must be a superuser
     db_username = Nichrome
     # The password for db_username
     db_password = Nichrome
     # The working directory; Nichrome may write sizable temporary data here
     dir_working = <work-dir>
     maxsat = <path of the MaxSAT solver>
     lbx = <path of lbx>
     mcsls = <path of mcsls>