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A tool for managing official Slackware packages, designed for unRAID.

Compatible with unRAID >5.0


With curl

curl -skL | sh

With wget

wget -qO- --no-check-certificate | sh -

You may need to reopen your terminal session after installing.

Why use trolley?

You need to install dependencies for a plugin

Without trolley: search the web for a package, download it, get it on your unRAID box, install it, and remember to put it in /boot/extra for next time.

With trolley, you can do all that in one go: trolley install openssl.

You need to remove a broken or incompatible package

The common process is to remove it from /boot/extra then run removepkg. You might even have to restart.

With trolley, it's just trolley remove openssl. No restart required.

You need to update existing dependencies

Without trolley: remove from /boot/extra then run removepkg. Maybe restart. Then, search the web for a new version, download it, get it on your unRAID box, install it, and remember to put it in /boot/extra for next time. Woof.

With trolley, it's just trolley update openssl.

You need to install architecture specific versions

If you need a 64-bit package, go through the tedious install process, but be sure to get the x86_64 version and not the i*86 version. Oops, got the wrong one? Do over.

Trolley matches your arch automatically: trolley install openssl.

You're a developer and you want to use trolley to manage your plugin's dependencies

If you're building a package with boiler, trolley is included automatically. If you're doing your own thing, add this to your code:

[[ `command -v trolley` == "" ]] && wget -qO- --no-check-certificate | sh -

And specify versions (bash assumed):

trolley install openssl "~> 1.0.1"
trolley install glibc   "> 2.15"


root@Tower:~# trolley
  trolley help [COMMAND]          # Describe available commands or one specific command
  trolley info NAME [VERSION]     # Show package details
  trolley install NAME [VERSION]  # Install a new package
  trolley list [NAME]             # List installed packages
  trolley remove NAME             # Remove a package
  trolley search [NAME]           # Searches for matching packages
  trolley version                 # Show Trolley version


  • If you do not want a package to be installed on reboot, remove it from /boot/extra.
  • Trolley is optimistic about versions. It will always pick the newest, best match.
  • If you do not specify a package version on install, the newest available package will be used.



Partial matches are supported.

root@Tower:~# trolley search open
openexr                openldap-client        openobex               openssh
openssl                openssl-solibs         openvpn                xf86-video-openchrome

Listing installed

List everything

root@Tower:~# trolley list
aaa_base          14.1
aaa_elflibs       14.1
acl               2.2.51
acpid             2.0.19
apmd              3.2.2
at                3.1.12

Filter the list with packages containing "tr"

root@Tower:~# trolley list tr
attr     2.4.46
tree     1.6.0
trolley  0.2.0_pre3

Get info on a package

root@Tower:~# trolley info openssl
Name      openssl
Summary   openssl (Secure Sockets Layer toolkit)
Versions  0.9.8n, 0.9.8r, 0.9.8y, 1.0.1c, 1.0.1e, 1.0.1f

Get info on a specific version

root@Tower:~# trolley info openssl 1.0.1e
Name       openssl
Summary    openssl (Secure Sockets Layer toolkit)
Version    1.0.1e
Arch       x86_64
Build      1
Size       12974080 (2912256 compressed)
Slackware  14.1
Patch      no

Install a package

root@Tower:~# trolley install openssl
=> Downloading openssl (1.0.1f)
=> Installing
=> Installed


Version constraints

The following version constraints are supported:

  • <
  • =
  • =

  • <=
  • ~>

Package matching

Trolley is optimistic when picking versions. It will always pick the newest available except when a package version isn't specified (trolley install openssl).

In this case, the most optimistic version available for your Slackware version will be used.

Example: if you're on Slackware 13.1 and you do trolley install openssl, 0.9.8y will be used.

You can override this behavior by specifying a version, or a constraint (eg, ">0").


32 and 64-bit architectures are automatically supported. Package matching rules apply in addition to matching the host OS arch.


Trolley can install official packages by name. It also supports installing via url, if the package is a 3rd party Slackware package (the name will formatted NAME-VERSION-ARCH-BUILD.t*z).


MIT. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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A tool for managing official Slackware packages, designed for unRAID.







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