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Copyright (c) 2013 Nic Jansma

Downloads magazines from the Economist, converts them to .mobi, and optionally emails them to your Kindle.

Details at

NOTE: This script attempts to work with the most recent Economist editions on Older editions may have different formatting that is incompatible with the current script. If want to view an older edition and the current script doesn't work, take a look at previous versions of this script.

If this script doesn't work, please check for the latest version at github. The changes often and may break this script.

A version of Mobigen (or similar .mobi converter) is needed. An archived version is found at


  1. Open economist-to-kinde.php and change any settings you need underneath this section:

    // ****************** fill in these options ******************

  2. Run economist-to-kinde.php to generate a .mobi:

    php -f economist-to-kinde.php

Version History

  • 2009-04-13: Initial release
  • 2010-01-03: Uses your login credentials to download articles
  • 2010-01-25: Several bugfixes
  • 2011-05-02: Updates based on slifox and crosscode’s fixes.
  • 2011-07-26: Small update to work with the's latest updates
  • 2012-02-02: Fixes for the recent major changes to the's website
  • 2013-01-07: More fixes for the URL structure changes to the's website