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TiskTasks for Todoist

Copyright 2016 Nic Jansma


Licensed under the MIT license


This is the source code for the TiskTasks for Todoist Android app.

TiskTasks was first released in 2011, before the official Todoist app was available.

The app was $0.99 until 2015-02-05, but has since been removed from the Android and Amazon app stores. It is now open-source.

The official Todoist app has more features and is better supported. For example, TiskTasks does not offer Offline support, or login via Google. Feel free to use this app for reference, inspiration, or the basis of your cooler app.


You'll need a few Android library projects to build:

  1. Android Support Library: android-support-v7-appcompat
  2. Google Play Services: google-play-services_lib
  3. My Java / Android utilties project: com.nicjansma.library


There is a test project under test, using Robotium.

The tests simply do basic UI validation of the Account and About screens, so they could use some improvement.

Version History

Please see: http://tisktasks.com/version-history/