Run the CadSoft EAGLE PCB design software in a Docker container
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CadSoft EAGLE is popular PCB design software, with a schematic editor, extensive part libraries, PCB layout editor, track auto-routing and more.

EAGLE is available under both freeware and commercial licenses using a license key file.

This repository packages the latest 64-bit Linux release of EAGLE in a Docker container.


First install docker (see Docker Installation )

Then run: docker build .


EAGLE is graphical software and the container runs a VNC server on container port 5901.

To run the container:

docker run -p 32768:5901 -t -i nickandrew/eagle

This will make the VNC server visible on localhost port 32768. Next, run a VNC client:


VNC requires a password. A default password of "abcd1234" is built into the container.

The viewer window will open, with EAGLE already running and (the first time it is run) asking for a license key. Choose "Freeware" to start using EAGLE as freeware. Or, if you have a commercial or trial key from CadSoft, you'll need to copy that key into your container.

Persistent storage

All processes inside the container run as user 'user', with disabled password and a home directory built into the container. To use persistent storage for your EAGLE projects, use a volume mount over /home/user/eagle like this:

docker run -p 32768:5901 -v /my/eagle/directory:/home/user/eagle -i nickandrew/eagle