OpenFrameworks extension for the Gesture Recognition Toolkit
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This repo contains an openFrameworks extension for the Gesture Recognition Toolkit (GRT).

The GRT is a cross-platform, open-source, C++ machine learning library designed for real-time gesture recognition.

This extension is designed to make it as easy as possible to use the GRT in openFrameworks.

Note that this extensions contains a local version of the GRT as a git submodule, which will be compiled from source when you build any of the ofxGrt examples.

To use ofxGrt:

  • download openFrameworks (you will need an OF version that supports C++11, you can find the latest version on the openFrameworks github page)

  • clone this repo to the openFrameworks addons folder

    cd openFrameworks/addons
    git clone
    cd ofxGrt
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  • if you are working off any branch of ofxGrt that is not master (e.g., dev), then you can sync with the remote GRT version of that branch via:
    git submodule update --remote
  • to build and run any of the ofxGRT examples, cd to an example folder and run:
    cd ofxGrt/example_timeseries_plot
    make run

You can find additional README files in each of the examples that describe more details about each specific example.


See the specific examples directories for a full description on each example.

Classification Example alt text

Regression Example alt text

Linear Least Squares Example alt text

Matrix Plot Example alt text

Bar Plot Example alt text


The ofxGRT is available under a MIT license.