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All the cool kids have particle maps - shouldn't you? Demo up at:



var particlemap = new ParticleMap(geojson, options);
// geojson file is a geojson object, fetch it from somewhere
// options is an object - see below configuration below


options: {
    canvas: canvasEl // canvas element to draw on
    width: 900 // must be included if no canvas element given
    height: 900 // must be included if no canvas element given
    pixelResolution: 5 // how large to make the pixels
    drawOptions: { // default draw options
        arcSize: pixleResolution / 4 // default arc size of pixel
        color: '#aaaaaa' // default color
        opacity: 1 // default opacity
    // background and foregroundColor take predence over drawOptions
    backgroundColor: '#adadad' // color of pixels outside polygon
    foregroundColor: '#000000' // color of pixels inside polygon
    drawPointFunc: function(coords, idx, status, canvas) {
        // coords are screen coordinates
        // idx in index in pixel grid
        // status is type from pixelStatusEnum on ParticleMap
        // canvas is canvas being drawn on

        // can return a drawOptions object
        // or false to not draw
        // or null for default behaviour
        return false;

    stretch: false // whether image should be stretched to fill canvas
    autostart: true // calculate and draw map automatically, or have user do it


constructor called: sets up options
parse called: parse finds max and min points
drawMap called: drawMap everything else

    determineOffsets called: works out transform numbers
    makeGrid called: sets up the grid with everything as outside
    determineGrid called: discovers if point is inside or outside of polygon
    paintGrid called: paints the canvas with the grid