A Python library for creating stories from data
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Reportermate is an open source project to create an automated news reporting system. This library forms the base of the system, and combines the pandas data analysis library, the handlebars templating language, and a whole bunch of helper functions to automate the generation of text reports from data.


pip install reportermate


Installing the reportermate lib adds the reportermate function to your command line.

reportermate my-data.csv my-template.txt

Using this function will take your data and then analyse and render it according to the template provided.

To use reportermate from within another python script, import the analyseAndRender function:

from reportermate import analyseAndRender

To see working examples and templates, check out the tests folder.


Reportermate uses the handlebars template language to define the analysis of the dataset, and how the results should be rendered into text. The template functions are the key to generating your text results.

Template function definitions and examples coming soon...