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Nick's vimfiles


Clone with repository (with submodules) to a local tree:

git clone --recursive nickjones-vimfiles

Merge my settings with your own by adding this to your existing .vimrc file:

set runtimepath^=$HOME/path/to/nickjones-vimfiles
runtime vimrc

After those lines, any changes in your .vimrc file will override settings from this repository.

Personal Customizations

Overriding the Color Scheme

There's an issue with loading a color scheme with an Ubuntu terminal (vim mode) that the background isn't entirely what the color scheme dictates. As a result, the vividchalk colorscheme is loaded again after Vim has finished loading. Use the following line in your personal .vimrc:

au VimEnter * colorscheme my_color_scheme

Enabling Syntastic

Syntastic isn't automatically part of loading my default vimrc. If you want it, add the following line. This will enable automatic syntax checking for a variety of languages. I also extend the search path to include any nested file to avoid common false fatal errors finding include files with C++.

runtime vimrc.syntastic


Since I directly linked to other GitHub repos through submodules, pulling updates requires a slight tweak:

git pull --recurse-submodules

Optionally, set git to always recurse submodules on a fetch/pull by setting an option

git config fetch.recurseSubmodules=true

and then always using a standard pull or fetch

git pull

If git throws an error about an unknown option of 'recurse-submodules', manually update submodules with

git submodule update


I'm always open to suggestions on better ways to do something but most likely you'll just want to fork my repo and setup your own version.