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Sane defaults for Linux/Unix software

Project Status

partially complete (lacks an installer and needs more configs)

##The Problem Software on Linux and Unix is awesome. But let's face it, tons of good software for them lack sensible and easy to understand defaults. la aliases to ls -a, but not always. Common command line programs like ls, grep, and git often have their fully functioning built in color support disabled by default. Vim has syntax highlighting, its improved command syntax, and line numbers disabled by default. But what if there were better config files to solve this problem? That's where this project comes in handy.


Sane defaults is a collection of Linux/Unix configs that make programs safer, better, and more intuitive, the way they should be. It is available as a castle (dotfile repo) for homeshick, which makes it easier to move and install these config files. Please note that my install script installs homeshick for you, so you won't need to worry about that. :)


wget -q && make install


  • avoid interfering with the results a user expects to get when running a command
  • make programs more intuitive and easier to understand
  • make programs safer and more secure
  • enable settings that commonly confuse users when they are disabled (and vice versa)
  • keep configurations minimal, including only what the average user of a command might find useful

##Helping Out This project is based off of my current configs repo on GitHub (though it has a very different purpose). I have already added some configs that offer pretty sensible defaults, but I need opinions on what other people find to be useful, not useful, and missing from the project. Feel free to report issues with suggestions, constructive criticism, and anything else that should be considered. Pull requests are (very) welcome, but please consider the goals of the project when adding to it. Fork away!


Configs that make Linux/Unix programs safer, better, and more intuitive, the way they should be.





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