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Yet Another Tasklist Manager, for Android.

For a school project we were asked to build a simple Android application, this application should be made in two versions, one representing an example of how code should be written. This app will adhere to several guidelines. Including, but not limited to :

And one version that rebels against all above rules. Starting out with a hack-up job of a simple ToDo application, we started refactoring all the bad smells out of this version, eventually ending up with this simple application.

It is developed for, and tested on Android 4.3. We can't guarantee any compatibility with future versions. The software is provided as is, you can install it from the app store here : Google Play Store - YATM



We used the following tools to build :

After installing all the tools, use Maven-Android-SDK-Deployer to install the Android 4.3 source for Maven (mvn install -P 4.3).

After pulling our code, run mvn package which will result in an installable .apk file.


This application was realised by :