ActiveRecord adapter for Intersystems CacheDb
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This is an ActiveRecord adapter for Intersystems CacheDB extracted from the activerecord-jdbc-adapter project.

This project is currently looking for a maintainer, as I am not a CacheDB user and have no way of knowing if this code works. From what I can tell of the activerecord-jdbc-adapter commit logs, most of this code was originally contributed by Ryan Bell.

This project is also an example of the activerecord-jdbc-adapter adapter extension discovery mechanism, and how you might organize a gem for your custom database. In particular, note:

  • lib/arjdbc/discover.rb: This file gets loaded by activerecord-jdbc-adapter, and where you register your extension. Follow the conventions in that file to declare it.
  • lib/arjdbc/cachedb*: Organize the ::ArJdbc::CacheDB code in here. Typically you'll have a connection_methods.rb file which creates a cachedb_connection method on ActiveRecord::Base as well as an adapter.rb file which contains most of the custom adapter code.
  • lib/active_record/connection_adapters/cachedb_adapter.rb: This file is what allows ActiveRecord to load an adapter from its adapter: cachedb line in database.yml.