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Jello Dashboard 5.30 beta
This application is released under the Open Source GPLv3 license.

Jello Dashboard 5 is a complete GTD management system for Outlook.
Although it is considered to be an addin its more than a custom homepage for Outlook folders.

-  Easily organize your actions in lists using tags
-  File tags into folders using a system hierarchy 
-  Use special tags for project management
-  Manage Inbox quickly and keep it empty 
-  Manage reference items and connect them to your actions
-  Collect information in bulk from folders or by free text writing 
-  Work with Ticklers from the Outlook Calendar and Task due dates 
-  See all information important to you using the homepage widgets 
-  Review your action lists easily 
-  Get your lists, print or send them 
-  Work with your familiar Outlook application and its items 
-  Control application’s behavior through an extensive set of user settings 

Jello Dashboard will load when you select you folder of choice from the Outlook folder hierarchy. 

After extracting the contents of this file to your folder of choice, please follow the manual Outlook folder assignment procedure describing below:

1. Navigate to your Outlook folder structure and select the folder in which you want Jello to be installed.
2. Right click on the folder and select properties.
3. Click on the Homepage tab button at the top.
4. Click the browse button and navigate to the folder you have previously extracted the Jello 5 files.
5. Select the jello5.htm and press OK select the file.
6. Check the Show home page by default for this folder checkbox and press OK.

Now everytime you click on your Outlook folder of choice in which you have installed Jello 5 the application will load.

To uninstall, just go to the Outlook folder properties again and uncheck the Show home page by default for this folder to view your previously used Outlook view for the folder.

*Note that Outlook 2007 users and above who want to install Jello Dashboard as a folder homepage can only use their default store. If the default store is on an Exchange server only an Exchange server Public folder can be used.

Alternatively you can try to run jello.hta standalone or jello5.htm file directly in Internet explorer or Firefox using the IETab plugin.


Post comments, questions and suggestions to the Jello.Dashboard forum

Nicolas Sivridis


Jello Dashboard GTD for Outlook




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