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Zebras Project Roadmap

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Objectives of zebras

  • Create an enjoyable-to-use alternative to pandas in JS so that we can accomplish more of the steps of our data projects - in particular, data manipulation/cleaning and analysis - without leaving the JS ecosystem.
  • Accomplish this in a functional style
    • No dedicated dataframe class with special methods - just native JS data structures.
    • All functions accept data as an input and return an altered copy - no 'in place' mutations.
    • All functions are curried to enable piping.
    • Leverage the existing, excellent Ramda as much as possible.


Build out core functionality

The first priority is to build out core pandas functionality not yet present in zebras such as:

Fill in nice-to-have missing functions

The next priority is to fill in the bells and whistles, such as:

New ideas?

Finally, what features are not present in pandas that the JS ecosystem would be particularly suited for? Ideas welcome!

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