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mpy-utils v0.1.12

Utility programs for Micropython ...

  • bin/mpy-upload : copy files in to a device using only the REPL.
  • bin/mpy-download : copy files from a device using only the REPL.
  • bin/mpy-sync : copy whole directory structure
  • bin/mpy-fuse : mount a device into the filesystem using FUSE ...
  • bin/mpy-watch : watch a directory for changes and send the diffs
  • bin/mpy-reset : just remotely reset the device

This package is also available through PyPI

Using serial ports directly

All four utilities by default will connect directly to /dev/ttyUSB0 at 115200 baud.

These can be overridden with the -port and --baud parameters.

Using serial ports attached to stdin/stdout

picocom is a terminal emulator program that allows you to specify external file transfer programs. The external program is launched with the serial port attached to stdin and stdout.

The mpy-utils have a --pipe option which enables this usage.

eg. The following command will set mpy-sync as the picocom file-send program.

picocom -b 115200 -s "mpy-sync --pipe --reset" /dev/ttyUSB0

From within picocom, hit ctrl-A ctrl-S to initiate file-send mode. Type in the filename to send (tab-completion seems to be available), and hit enter. The file will be sent via mpy-sync, and you'll be returned to picocom.

You can also specify the filenames on the picocom/mpy-sync command-line, and from picocom, just his ctrl-A ctrl-S and enter. No filenames needed.

Submitting Pull Requests

Before submitting a pull request, please add yourself to the list of contributors below, and install black so you can reformat your code using the following command:

black *.py bin/* mpy_utils/*.py

This will hopefully prevent me from ever having to think about source code formatting again.



Utility programs for Micropython ...




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