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Gister - execute gists from the command line.
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Gister is a utility to download gists from github, and show their contents, save them to a file, or execute them with arguments.

The idea being that you can store handy scripts online, or play around with other peoples' scripts, etc.


Clone the repo, put the .sh somewhere on your path, and give it execute permissions.


Go into a git repository, and type the following: -x nicokruger foreach - $( -s nicokruger count-files) | xargs -x nicokruger -

This will get a couple of gists from github, and generate a gnuplot graph plotting the amount of files in the git repository over time.

Other stuff to do: -x nicokruger 8ball.rb

More to be added later.

Note: obviously it is potentially dangerous to execute aribtrary code from 3rd party sources. Especially be wary of running ANY script as root. I cannot be held responsible if you destroy your data and/or your computer/life.

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