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Patchwork PHP Parser

Patchwork PHP Parser is aimed at building fast, memory efficient and highly modular PHP code transformations and analysis. It is written for PHP 5.3 around the tokenizer extension.

It can be used for example to:

  • compute static code analysis,
  • verify coding practices for QA,
  • backport some language features,
  • extend the PHP language,
  • build a code preprocessor,
  • build an aspect weaver,
  • etc.

As an illustrative example, it can backport namespaces and closures and should easily be able to compile itself to PHP 5.2.

Although it is written for PHP 5.3, it can parse PHP 5.4 code and already has backports for the short array syntax, the binary number notation and enabling the short open echo tag regardless of the short_open_tag ini setting.


Patchwork PHP Parser is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the (at your option):

This code is extracted from the Patchwork framework, where it has been proven stable and flexible enough to implement many kind of code transformations.

It is released here standalone in the hope that it can be used in a different context successfully!