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A visual programming environment.
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Skov is a visual programming environment based on Factor.

A functional program can be thought of as a tree (actually a graph) in which functions are connected together on several levels. Commonly used programming languages have to make more or less compromises to represent this tree as a one-dimensional stream of text. Skov uses a visual, two-dimensional representation to display the tree direcly. This makes the program easier to read and to reason about and reduces the risk of making mistakes. Skov lets you see a functional program as it really is.

Skov means forest in Danish because Skov contains a lot of trees.

More information on the website.

Building Skov from Factor

  • Download this repository
  • Download a Factor binary package from the Factor website
  • Extract the factor directory from the package (if you were already using Factor, don't use the factor directory you already had, make a new one)
  • Move or copy all the contents from the Skov repository into the factor directory
  • Drag and drop the make-skov.factor script onto the Factor application

Binary downloads

Binary downloads are available in Releases.


Skov uses the Linux Biolinum typeface. On Windows and Linux you will need to install it on your system. You will find it in this repository under misc/fonts.

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