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A Parcel boilerplate to deploy on Github Pages using Github Actions.
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Parcel Github Pages Boilerplate

Publish Website

A Parcel boilerplate to automatically deploy on Github Pages using Github Actions.

Demonstration website deployed here.

Included tools and libraries

  • Parcel: The zero configuration web application bundler
  • Babel: The Javascript compiler. It's used implicitly by Parcel. Already contains a configuration for React.
  • Sass: The CSS pre-compiler.
  • Bootstrap 4: The CSS framework, its SCSS files are compiled by Parcel which allows to override the theme. (The provided theme is Cerulean from Bootswatch.)
  • Eslint with the standard configuration: Because everyone should use a linter nowadays.
  • Nunjucks: The best Javascript template engine available. Useful to have multiple different pages on your website.
  • Font Awesome: Everyone needs icons right ? The provided version does not use a CDN, they are automatically bundled during the build.

How to use it

  • Fork this repository and publish it in a new Github repository.
  • Go in the settings of your repository and under Github Pages confirm that you want your Github Pages website to be built from the gh-pages branch. The settings page should then indicate you the URL of your deployed website, which should be https://<your github account><the repository name>/ in most cases.
  • Change something in your website to trigger a build and deployment (as example changing the text in index.njk).

Any following push to the master branch will automatically trigger the Github Actions workflow that will build and deploy your website to Github Pages.


To install the requirements:

npm install

To start the project in development mode (automatically re-compiles the code):

npm start

To check the code with eslint (the CI will fail if this step doesn't pass):

npm run lint

To automatically fix the lint problems:

npm run lint:fix


See the contribution guide.


See the license.

Other Github Pages related projects

I'm a fan of Github Pages for the possibilities it offers to anyone to publish a website for free. I have multiple projects that could be of interest if that's your case too:

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