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Wanted to work on something very graphics / media intensive...

Idea: Mix between Under a Killing Moon and Fight Club...
 You start as an investigator working the case of a missing family. You spawn in a one bedroom apartment with no windows and have to investigate for clues around the apartment. The place is old and dirty, but the clues should indicate you that there were 3 people living here: a couple and their child. Clues indicate also that things were not going well and that the woman was about to leave with the child. Also the guy seems to be going crazy, hearing voices and seeing things. You see pills on the floor (LSD?), and other items... After a while, things suddenly change:

The lights go out, and you use a lamp torch to see what's going on, but a lot of items have changed: blood inscriptions on the wall, blood on the floor, etc. As an investigator, you start thinking that you are crazy, or that the voices that the man was hearing actually are real. Then loud bangs on the entrance door, and as you go there and turn around, you suddenly see the woman and child dead, realize that you were the one going crazy, and the police crashes the door behind you as we do an outro...

- a small apartment filled with 3d props to make it feel used and old. I'll need to take a bunch of pictures and work around textures in photoshop, alongside with models in Blender.
- some music for each mood, jazz-style improv for the UAKM part, and stressful for the second part... Perhaps the Fight club music in the end.
- not a whole lot of programming... Just actionable items to visualize clues.
- a lot of voice acting, probably also sound effects.

the pipes, the 2 dead hung bodies, a bunch of props

- one stressful for stage 2 (we'll mixup some stuff here)


X Mail Notices in front of the door: shows they have left about 3 days ago
X Diary: shows the guy is crazy and hears voices, also talks about the fact his wife/kid left him
X Teddy bear: shows they left in a hurry
X Food in kitchen: shows that someone was here not too long ago
X Termination letter in Desk: shows that the guy was hitting rock bottom
X LSD and other pills: shows that they were on depression medication
- Answering machine: one message from grandmother asking her child to answer and come see her in Baltimore
- 2 bus tickets (1 adult / 1 child) for trip to Baltimore
- Alcohol: shows they were not stable
X Boxes: shows they have a tendency to move from place to place
- Papers and clothes everywhere
- Picture Frame: shows they were united at one point
- Broken vase: shows they were having issues
- Chair on bed: shows noone has slept there
X TV not working: shows how tedious their situation was
X Disgusting bathroom: shows noone has been cleaning for weeks

Also need stuff in kitchen drawers

Kathy, Bobby

Done with the recordings... That's a lot of voices...
I need to create some mp3s, currently everything is in audacity.
I also need some crashing sound for the door...
Max wants to go home and I think I might need a couple of hours of sleep...
I'll see if I can finish this off at his place before falling asleep.
I need to get the sounds properly done, and the first part done as well...

Time to record some sounds and voices!!

X Door jammed
X Cupboard open + close
X Drawer open + close
X Book open + close
X Letter open + close
X TV not working
- Door bam-bam + crash
X Cardboard boxes
X Ropes
X Heartbeat

X Voices:
"About 3 days ago, I received a call about a missing family.
As one of the best P.I.s out there, those calls are not uncommon...
I easily got in the apartment.
Now I just need to find out where they went..."
"Oh that smell is awful... I think my nose started to bleed permanently."
"A pipe in the middle of the apartment? Thought I had seen everything... Classy!"
"Ah perfect, time for my favorite show! <click> Dang, broken."
"What do we have here?"
"December 7th, 1976. This place was no longer for us. We don't belong here. It was time to go.
I helped Kathy and Bobby leave first. I love them so much. Why couldn't I go as well?
I am trapped in this appartment. Drugs are helping, I think.
I hear their voices calling me! I am not crazy Yadi yadi yada..."
"Sounds like the wife and kid have gone somewhere... The dad must have come back recently..."

"Let's see..."
"December 10th, 1976. Mr. Kadelsky, Despite our numerous requests, we still have not received payment for your rent due for the months of October through December. This is the final notice prior to your expulsion by the police. Please pay the due amount of $478 before December 12th. Thank you."
"Well that explains why they would disappear without saying anything..."

"Dear John C. Kadelsky. Your employment with AB Transport Services will be officially terminated on December 2nd, 1976. You have been terminated for the following reasons: we have decided to implement a workforce reduction and your position has been terminated. Your conduct around other employees has been questionable in the past. Please be sure that we did not take this decision lightly. Kind Regards, Rob D. Machster"
"Lost his job, doesn't pay rent... My gut feeling is that he is not coming back here..."

"Tons of boxes around filled with dirty clothes and small toys."

"Ooh a 1965 Rochester King Seat... Classic... and very comfortable!"

"That mattress is disgusting... It has more shades of yellow than the original blue!"

"Good lord! This tub will get you filthier when you take a bath in it!"

"Maybe I should wash my hands? Naaa...."

"Just a couple of empty boxes and cans. I'll skip dinner for the night."

"This sink is pretty rusty... Like my ex-wife..."

"A teddy bear! I wonder why the kid didn't take it with him... Unless he left in a hurry..."

"There's enough to get a party in here... Let's see... Anti-depressants, LSD, Psilocybe semilanceata..."

"Nothing in here..."

"People say that in case of an earthquake, the toilet is your last source of water... Unless you live here..."

"Nice little floor lamp... I might bring that home..."

"Oh that's just great... Fuses going out in the middle of a case... Let's see, I always have my lamptorch with me..."

"Oh God, what in the world..."
"Kathy... Bobby..."


"Come play with me daddy!"
"Daddy... Daaaaddyyyyy"
"Where are you Daddy?"

"Joooohn... what did you do to us?"

Couldn't get everything I wanted in here... =
Only 2 hours left, which is just enough for the pipes and hung family + rope sound and action
Also a fade into the final screen with the music... LET'S DO THIS!!!!

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