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World Cup 2018 Slack Bot
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World Cup 2018 Slack Bot

A simple Slack bot for notifications about the current WC2018 match.

It will notify about the start and end of a match, yellow and red cards, half times and, naturally, goals.

Setup and installation

  • Create a Slack bot in your account and note down the token
  • Invite the bot in your channel
  • Clone the repo
  • Run make deps. To download all the dependencies.
  • Run make build. An x64 executable is created in the bin/ directory. Adjust the target according to your runtime architecture.
  • Run the binary with the required env variables. Eg: WC2018_SLACK_TOKEN=<your-token> WC2018_SLACK_CHANNEL=<your-channel> ./wc2018-slack-bot
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