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Wifi+Sigfox based geolocation démo


  • Gather the MAC address of the two "strongest" wifi networks
  • Send them over the Sigfox network
  • Use Google Geolocation API to get an approximate location
  • Publish to Slack a Google Maps snapshot of the computed location

This a demo and not intended to be used in production.
This does not tackle

  • Battery optimisation
  • Code robustness
  • Data compression
  • ...


Using a SiPy from Pycom, which combines Sigfox & Wifi connectivities.

The SiPy is programmed in micropython, find the sample code in the sipy folder

Cloud application

Basic nodeJS application, which receive the Sigfox callback & calls the Google & Slack apis

Check the server folder

Slack notification

Here is the kind of notification that you will receive :

Slack screenshot