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Cambrian Analytica

Project title: Cambrian Analytica

Tag Line : What would it take for people to care about their personal data?


Abstract: Cambrian Analytica is a speculative design project that aims to answer the question: “What would it take for people to care about their personal data?” By using real personal data to generate zoomorphic incarnations of daily behavior, the project seeks to bring attention to the opportunities for self-reflection in a digital age.

Preview Image:

Created by: Nic Stark

If you are interested in generating your own please utilize the Python parsing script. I currently takes Google Takeout, financial data from USAA and Citi bank and screen time data from RescueTime.

Once your data has been parsed ( it might take a while depends on the size of your collection ) you can open up the Unity project and copy the folders from the newly created Parsed folder into the Resources folder in Unity.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!


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