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Releases: nidefawl/bassstudio


10 Apr 22:44
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  • Added VST3 support (sample accurate automation)
  • Added Audio sample pitch shifting and time stretching
  • Added Midi Grooves
  • Added Freeze Track option
  • Added Progressbar to export process
  • Added .mp3 and .flac file loading support
  • Added Apply Arp command
  • Implemented recording of MIDI control data and pitchwheel changes
  • EQ now has oversampling and sample accurate automation and better UI
  • Synth now has oversampling
  • Fixed note quantization command
  • Fixed mouse scrolling on knobs
  • Fixed mouse scrolling on lists
  • Fixed a 1-sample bug in LFO modulation processing
  • Midi files now load with correct velocities, control data and track names


23 Feb 04:27
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Release v0.5.2

  • Added sidechain stereo inputs to tracks
  • Added background image support to themes
  • Added "Delete Time" editor command
  • Added "Export Audio" dialog and progress bar while rendering
  • Improved rendering of notes on clips
  • Audio Visualizer is now a normal plugin and renders in its own window
  • Added "velocity ramp" note processor script
  • Fix alpha value slider on color picker
  • Fix "Fixed Grid" options in track editor
  • Fixed several rare crashes