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decentralized package security audit network of trust
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Hoplon is a package that helps you verify that the code in your project's dependencies contains exactly what's on their GitHub and no other malicious code.

Hoplon is a set of tools to create and share signed "audits" describing the security status of hexpm (or other) packages. It allows you to maintain a collection of "trusted keys" - people whose audits you can fetch and take into account when assessing packages you (want to) use.

See CodeBEAM STO presentation slides for details. Video of the talk coming soon.

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There is no current version of hoplon on, you need to get it from github:

defp deps do
    {:hoplon, github: "nietaki/hoplon"},

After you add it to your dependencies, you gain access to the relevant hoplon tasks. The currently relevant hoplon tasks are mix hoplon.fetch, mix hoplon.my_key, mix hoplon.status and mix hoplon.trusted_keys

All of those mix tasks come with documentation:

mix help hoplon.trusted_keys
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