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MongoDB Cmdlets for PowerShell

Mdbc is the PowerShell module based on the official MongoDB C# driver. Mdbc makes MongoDB data and operations PowerShell friendly.

  • The PSGallery package is built for PowerShell Core and v5.1 .NET 4.7.1.
  • The NuGet package is built for PowerShell v3-v5.1, .NET 4.5.2.

Quick start

Step 1: Get and install

Package from PSGallery

Mdbc for PowerShell Core and v5.1 is published as the PSGallery module Mdbc.

It requires .NET 4.7.1, this command should return true:

(Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full").Release -ge 461308

You can install the module by this command:

Install-Module Mdbc

Package from NuGet

Mdbc for PowerShell v3-v5.1 .NET 4.5.2 is published as the NuGet package Mdbc. Download it by NuGet tools or directly. In the latter case save it as ".zip" and unzip. Use the package subdirectory "tools/Mdbc".

Copy the directory Mdbc to one of the PowerShell module directories, see $env:PSModulePath, for example like this:


Step 2: In a PowerShell command prompt import the module:

Import-Module Mdbc

Step 3: Take a look at help and available commands:

help about_Mdbc
help Connect-Mdbc -Full
Get-Command -Module Mdbc

Step 4: Make sure mongod is running and try some commands:

# Load the module
Import-Module Mdbc

# Connect the new collection test.test
Connect-Mdbc . test test -NewCollection

# Add two documents
@{_id = 1; value = 42}, @{_id = 2; value = 3.14} | Add-MdbcData

# Get documents as PS objects
Get-MdbcData -As PS | Format-Table

# Get the document by _id
Get-MdbcData @{_id = 1}

# Update the document, set 'value' to 100
Update-MdbcData @{_id = 1} @{'$set' = @{value = 100}}

# Get the document again, 'value' is 100
$doc = Get-MdbcData @{_id = 1}

# Remove the document
$doc | Remove-MdbcData

# Count documents, 1
Get-MdbcData -Count

Next Steps

Read cmdlet help topics and take a look at examples for some basic use cases.

Use Scripts/Mdbc.ArgumentCompleters.ps1 for database and collection name completion and property completion. Scripts/Update-MongoFiles.ps1 is a toy for making test data but may be useful for tracking file changes. See also tests, for example:

Driver methods and module commands

Driver Module Output
MongoClient Connect-Mdbc $Client $Database $Collection
GetDatabase Get-MdbcDatabase database(s)
DropDatabase Remove-MdbcDatabase none
Transactions Use-MdbcTransaction -
Watch Watch-MdbcChange -Client cursor
RunCommand Invoke-MdbcCommand document
GetCollection Get-MdbcCollection collection(s)
CreateCollection Add-MdbcCollection none
RenameCollection Rename-MdbcCollection none
DropCollection Remove-MdbcCollection none
Watch Watch-MdbcChange -Database cursor
InsertOne Add-MdbcData none
Find Get-MdbcData documents
CountDocuments Get-MdbcData -Count count
Distinct Get-MdbcData -Distinct values
FindOneAndDelete Get-MdbcData -Remove old document
FindOneAndReplace Get-MdbcData -Set old or new document
FindOneAndUpdate Get-MdbcData -Update old or new document
DeleteOne Remove-MdbcData none or info (-Result)
DeleteMany Remove-MdbcData -Many none or info (-Result)
ReplaceOne Set-MdbcData none or info (-Result)
UpdateOne Update-MdbcData none or info (-Result)
UpdateMany Update-MdbcData -Many none or info (-Result)
Aggregate Invoke-MdbcAggregate documents
Watch Watch-MdbcChange -Collection cursor

See also

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