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Silverlight.FX - A lightweight framework for building well structured Rich Internet Applications using Silverlight.
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Shows using Translation API for language translation
and text to speech conversion.
Also shows view/viewmodel interaction via bindings, commands and triggers
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Copyright (c) 2009, Nikhil Kothari (
All Rights Reserved.

Silverlight.FX is licensed under the BSD License. See License.txt within
the project sources for more information.


About Silverlight.FX

Silverlight.FX is an application framework for building Rich Internet
Applications based on Silverlight 2.

The focus is on enabling applications to be naturally better architected by
providing the right building blocks including:
- Promoting separation of view/code through well established patterns like
- Encapsulating functionality into reusable components like behaviors and
- Making the right concepts declarative (eg. effects, behaviors)
- Overall better structuring of the application (eg. themes, controls)

Another equally important focus is on keeping the framework lean and mean
and being mindful of size - this is all about being a RIA/Web-friendly
framework. Currently the library comes in at ~70K compressed.

You can read more about this framework and its features on various blog
posts on Its dedicated project page is at
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