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GSoC Improve TPRs Project Meta Tracker

In Progress

Issues created in this repository correspond to the tasks I'm working on. Please see the waffle board linked below for a better perspective of how the project is progressing.

Project Abstract

Over time, the project goal has somewhat changed but this is the original abstract:

ThirdPartyResources are already available but the implementation has languished with multiple outstanding capabilities that are missing. They did not complete the list of requirements for graduating to beta.

Hence, there are multiple problems present in the current implementation of ThirdPartyResources. This project aims at working towards a number of known shortcomings to drive the ongoing effort toward a stable TPR release forward.

General Info


Design Proposals


How to Contribute to Kubernetes at KubeCon+CNCFCon

Weekly Summary

Community Bonding Period - May

Coding Period - June

Coding Period - July

Coding Period - August

Pull Requests and Issues

The following list is automatically generated using

TOTAL : 69

Repository: kubernetes

Total Pull Requests Created: 35

  1. kubernetes/kubernetes#53558 - Fix error for strategic merge patch of custom resources
  2. kubernetes/kubernetes#53426 - Automated cherry pick of #48036
  3. kubernetes/kubernetes#53312 - Rename TPR to CRD
  4. kubernetes/kubernetes#52793 - apiextensions: add round trip tests for CRD schema conversion
  5. kubernetes/kubernetes#52281 - apiextensions: fix conversion of CRD schema
  6. kubernetes/kubernetes#52034 - apiextensions: add defaulting for customresource validation
  7. kubernetes/kubernetes#51712 - apiextensions: add maximum for validation
  8. kubernetes/kubernetes#51204 - roundtrip: fix error messages
  9. kubernetes/kubernetes#50964 - Update Registry interface for deployment and endpoints
  10. kubernetes/kubernetes#50764 - apiextensions: update CRD strategy
  11. kubernetes/kubernetes#50638 - FeatureGate: update comments
  12. kubernetes/kubernetes#50444 - jsonpath: fix comments
  13. kubernetes/kubernetes#50250 - Automated cherry pick of #50098
  14. kubernetes/kubernetes#50098 - apiextensions: fix data race in storage
  15. kubernetes/kubernetes#50085 - fix kube-openapi imports
  16. kubernetes/kubernetes#49747 - conversion-gen: support recursive types
  17. kubernetes/kubernetes#49307 - fuzzer: remove unreachable code
  18. kubernetes/kubernetes#48630 - update vendored gengo
  19. kubernetes/kubernetes#48389 - apiextensions: add cleanup section to client-go
  20. kubernetes/kubernetes#48114 - Automated cherry pick of #47748
  21. kubernetes/kubernetes#48076 - Fix error in local-cluster-up
  22. kubernetes/kubernetes#47748 - Update custom-resources example in client-go
  23. kubernetes/kubernetes#47684 - Fix link to apiextensions client-go example
  24. kubernetes/kubernetes#47263 - apiextensions: validation for customresources
  25. kubernetes/kubernetes#46624 - Add test for advanced CRUD for apiextensions
  26. kubernetes/kubernetes#46585 - [WIP] apiextensions: add integration test for GC
  27. kubernetes/kubernetes#46200 - apiextensions: add integration test for name conflicts
  28. kubernetes/kubernetes#46059 - Integration test for kube-apiextensions-server: integers
  29. kubernetes/kubernetes#45793 - Add plural name for CustomResources example
  30. kubernetes/kubernetes#45721 - Add integration tests for kube-apiextensions-server
  31. kubernetes/kubernetes#44612 - Fix kube-apiserver crash when patching TPR data
  32. kubernetes/kubernetes#44026 - Preserve int data when unmarshalling for TPR
  33. kubernetes/kubernetes#43606 - Improve timeout error message for kubectl delete
  34. kubernetes/kubernetes#43591 - Update kubectl help descriptions and examples
  35. kubernetes/kubernetes#43573 - fixed formatting for examples

Total Issues Opened: 4

  1. kubernetes/kubernetes#49811 - api-reference docs don't contain types from staging repos
  2. kubernetes/kubernetes#48675 - Auto-generation by deepcopy is broken
  3. kubernetes/kubernetes#48593 - hack/ pulls down docker/docker/project dir
  4. kubernetes/kubernetes#47743 - No examples for CR in client-go

Total Pull Requests Reviewed: 5

  1. kubernetes/kubernetes#53308 - apiextensions/examples: remove unnecessary function
  2. kubernetes/kubernetes#53051 - fix todo
  3. kubernetes/kubernetes#52753 - sample-controller: add example CRD controller
  4. kubernetes/kubernetes#47223 - Fix cross-repo link
  5. kubernetes/kubernetes#46439 - Test finalization for CRs

Repository: helm

Total Pull Requests Created: 1

  1. kubernetes/helm#2523 - fix(helm): Fix log import


Total Pull Requests Created: 5

  1. kubernetes/ - Fix link to Design Overview
  2. kubernetes/ - Fix link after design proposals move
  3. kubernetes/ - Add docs for CustomResource validation
  4. kubernetes/ - JSONPath: rename title
  5. kubernetes/ - Fixed typo

Repository: test-infra

Total Issues Opened: 1

  1. kubernetes/test-infra#2787 - Prow issue: Keep hitting a flake

Repository: features

Total Pull Requests Created: 1

  1. kubernetes/features#455 - Fix links in 1.8 release notes

Total Pull Requests Reviewed: 1

  1. kubernetes/features#420 - 1.8: Add relnotes for TPR and other deprecation removals.

Repository: community

Total Pull Requests Created: 8

  1. kubernetes/community#1128 - Fix links after design proposals move
  2. kubernetes/community#913 - Proposal: SubResources for CustomResources
  3. kubernetes/community#882 - api-conventions: status subresource updates metadata
  4. kubernetes/community#779 - Fix link to point to English docs instead of Chinese
  5. kubernetes/community#766 - Fix minor typos in cherry-picks doc
  6. kubernetes/community#708 - Proposal: Validation for CustomResources.
  7. kubernetes/community#621 - Fix link for factory methods of informers
  8. kubernetes/community#448 - Fix link to contributing instructions

Repository: frakti

Total Pull Requests Created: 1

  1. kubernetes/frakti#238 - Fix link after design proposal move

Repository: client-go

Total Pull Requests Created: 2

  1. kubernetes/client-go#274 - README: remove non-existent
  2. kubernetes/client-go#212 - README: fix script to update staging area

Repository: gengo

Total Pull Requests Created: 1

  1. kubernetes/gengo#61 - Fix defaulter-gen for recursive types

Repository: ingress-nginx

Total Pull Requests Created: 1

  1. kubernetes/ingress-nginx#1418 - Fix links after design proposals move

Repository: bootkube

Total Pull Requests Created: 1

  1. kubernetes-incubator/bootkube#727 - README: fix link to design proposal

Repository: cri-o

Total Pull Requests Created: 1

  1. kubernetes-incubator/cri-o#970 - tutorial: fix link after design proposal move

Repository: cri-containerd

Total Pull Requests Created: 1

  1. kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd#318 - Fix link after design proposals move


Project tracker for my GSoC project - Improve TPRs - for the Kubernetes organization (CNCF).





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