[not actively maintained] The C++ webkit-server from capybara-webkit with useful extensions and Python bindings
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NOTE: This package is not actively maintained. It uses QtWebkit, which is end-of-life and probably doesn't get security fixes backported. Consider using a similar package like Spynner instead.


Author: Niklas Baumstark

A standalone version of the Webkit server included in capybara-webkit. It includes a slim Python wrapper and the following improvements over the original version from thoughtbot:

  • Wait command to wait for the current page to load
  • SetAttribute command to configure certain QWebkit settings
  • SetHtml command to load custom HTML into the browser (e.g. to execute scripts on web pages scraped by a static scraper)
  • SetViewportSize command to set the viewport size of the in-memory browser

If you are interested in web scraping using this server, have a look at dryscrape.

Building and Installing

To install the Python binding (this also builds the server and places it into Python's site-package directory):

sudo python setup.py install

If you don't need the Python bindings, you can also use the supplied build.sh shellscript to build the server only.

A word about Qt 5.6

The 5.6 version of Qt removes the Qt WebKit module in favor of the new module Qt WebEngine. So far webkit-server has not been ported to WebEngine (and likely won't be in the near future), so Qt <= 5.5 is a requirement.

Contact, Bugs, Contributions

If you have any problems with this software, don't hesitate to open an issue on Github or open a pull request or write a mail to niklas baumstark at Gmail.


This software is based on capybara-webkit. capybara-webkit is Copyright (c) 2011 thoughtbot, inc. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.