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Polyglot opening book reading

.. autofunction:: chess.polyglot.open_reader

.. autoclass:: chess.polyglot.Entry

    .. py:attribute:: key

        The Zobrist hash of the position.

    .. py:attribute:: raw_move

        The raw binary representation of the move. Use the
        :func:`~chess.polyglot.Entry.move()` method to extract a move object
        from this.

    .. py:attribute:: weight

        An integer value that can be used as the weight for this entry.

    .. py:attribute:: learn

        Another integer value that can be used for extra information.

.. autoclass:: chess.polyglot.MemoryMappedReader

.. py:data:: chess.polyglot.POLYGLOT_RANDOM_ARRAY
    :annotation: = [0x9D39247E33776D41, ..., 0xF8D626AAAF278509]

    Array of 781 polyglot compatible pseudo random values for Zobrist hashing.

.. autofunction:: chess.polyglot.zobrist_hash