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... is a heuristic backtracking solver for abstract argumentation

1 Installation

Run build, make sure that eigen3 is installed.

2 Usage

Run e.g. 'heureka -p EE-ST -f example.tgf' or 'heureka -p DC-ST -a a12 -f example.tgf'

2.1 Mandatory Parameters

  • -p the problem in the form (EE|SE|DS|DC)-(CO|PR|ST|GR), where
    • EE enumerate all extensions
    • SE find single extension
    • DS decide sceptically
    • DC decide credulously
    • CO complete
    • PR preferred
    • ST stable
    • GR grounded
  • -f source file either in .tgf or .apx format
  • -a the argument which shall be justified (only in case of DS and DC)

2.2 Optional Parameters

  • -H the used heuristic
  • -d debug information, either short or verbose, lets the solver print debug information
  • -fo the file format, either apx or tgf (is otherwise infered from the file ending)

2.3 Custom Heuristics

If the paramter -H is used, a custom heuristic is constructed from it, e.g. heureka -EE-CO -f ex.apx -H "/ + outdeg 1 + indeg 1" uses a heuristic h(x) = (outdeg(x)+1)/(indeg(x)+1). Heuristics can be constructed out of the following components:

  • + a b, - a b, * a b, / a b and ^ a b are mathematical operations in Polish notation
  • deg in out, indeg and outdeg are indegree and outdegree respectively
  • dynindeg is the number of attackers not defeated by the current partial extension
  • dynoutdeg is the number of attacks on attackers of the current partial solution
  • path indepth inalpha outdepth outalpha is based on paths, inpath and outpath have preset parameters
  • scc sorts arguments according to its strongly connected component, a component is sorted after all compnents it depends on


a heuristic backtracking solver for abstract argumentation




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