This module provides an action to create SVG screenshots of a running NetBeans application, such as the IDE or other RCP-based applications.
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This is a NetBeans IDE/RCP plugin which adds a custom action to create an SVG screenshot of the running application.


  • NetBeans >= 8.0
  • "NetBeans Plugin Development" plugin must be installed if you want to compile your own binary package.


  • Provides a screenshot shortcut, by default CTRL+F10 that can be remapped via Options->Keymap
  • Creates svg screenshots in user.home/NetBeansScreenshots
  • Set the default output directory under Options -> Miscellaneous -> Svg Screenshot
  • Save as gzipped or plain svg files
  • Use print or paint methods on window and children

Known Issues

  • Screenshot does not capture the mouse pointer
  • Currently, only screenshots of the main application window can be made, the options dialog does not seem to react to the key shortcut

If you want to contribute, please provide feedback via the issue tracker or by providing pull requests.


You may also compile a binary yourself with the latest development code.

  1. git clone git://
  2. Open the folder with NetBeans (Open Project)
  3. (Configure Target Platform if needed)
  4. Choose "Create NBM" from the project menu
  5. Install the plugin with: Tools -> Plugins -> Downloaded and select the compiled nbm

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