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TreeAnno is an annotation tool develop to annotate trees on top of texts. It is designed for annotating longer text segments and allows fast annotation through the use of keyboard commands.


TreeAnno was built with the following workflow in mind:

  1. Uploading of documents Documents are raw plain text and get tokenised and sentence split automatically.
  2. Annotation preparation The project administrator edits the master document before annotation starts to, e.g., fix the sentence splitting.
  3. Annotation Each annotator annotates individually, doing segmentation changes and tree changes simultaneously.
  4. Annotation comparison and merging A project administrator compares the annotation. TreeAnno offers different views, focusing on either the segmentation or the tree structure. Ideally, the project admin first merges the segmentation and in a second step the tree structure. There is currently no way of moving tree structure annotations onto files that have been segmented differently, so it might be necessary to let annotators go over the merged segmented texts again.

User roles

TreeAnno distinguishes several user roles:

  • General admin: Is allowed to do everything
  • Project admin: Has admin rights for one or more project(s). This includes uploading documents to this project, deleting documents, assigning reviewing tasks and comparing/merging the results. The project admin also has the right to edit the master document, which is used as a basis for the annotators
  • Annotator: Can edit (annotate) the documents in the project(s) he/she is assigned to. Each annotator gets their own copy upon the first edit.