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iup wrapper for Nim. Used to be part of the stdlib, now a Nimble package.
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IUP wrapper

This is a nim wrapper for the IUP GUI toolkit.


The wrapper was originally part of the standard library. This project was created to remove it from the standard library, update it to the latest version of IUP and integrate it with nimble.


This library uses semantic versioning with a small modification. The Major and Minor versions of this library will always sync with the major and minor version of IUP. If you are using version 3.16 of IUP then you would use version 3.16.x of this wrapper.


Install nim and nimble

nimble install iup


Please visit the IUP documentation for details about the toolkit.


A few nim-specific examples can be found in the examples/ directory. For more comprehensive examples visit the IUP documentation.

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