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This is a central listing of all packages for Nimble, a package manager for the Nim programming language.

An overview of all packages is available at

NOTE: The packages listed here are not peer-reviewed or otherwise screened. We try to keep the list up-to-date but we cannot guarantee quality or maturity of the packages.

Adding your own package

To add your own package, fork this repository, edit packages.json and make a pull request.

Packages.json is a simple array of objects. Each package object should have the following fields (unless the field is marked as optional):

  • name - The name of the package, this should match the name in the package's nimble file.
  • url - The url from which to retrieve the package.
  • method - The method that should be used to retrieve this package. Currently "git" and "hg" is supported.
  • tags - A list of tags describing this package.
  • description - A description of this package.
  • license - The license of the source code in the package.
  • web - An optional URL for humans to read additional information about the package.
  • doc - An optional URL for humans to read the package HTML documentation


While we really appreciate your contribution, please follow the requirements: other developers will rely on your package. Non-compliant packages might be removed with no warning.

  • The URL should work, a .nimble file should be present and the package should be installable
  • The package should build correctly with the latest Nim release
  • The package should not contain files without a license or in breach of 3rd parties licensing
  • Non-mature packages should be flagged as such, especially if they perform security-critical tasks (e.g. encryption)
  • If a vulnerability is found, make a patch release against the latest stable release (or more) that fixes the issue without introducing any other change.
  • Tiny libraries should be avoided where possible
  • Avoid having many dependencies. Use "when defined(...)" to enable optional features.
  • If abandoning a package, please tag it as "abandoned"
  • The package name should be unique and specific. Avoid overly generic names e.g. "math", "http"
  • Provide a contact email address.
  • Optionally try to support older Nim releases (6 months to 1 year)
  • Optionally GPG-sign your releases
  • Optionally follow SemVer 2

Your packages may be removed if the url stops working. It goes without saying that your pull request will not be accepted unless you fill out all of the above required fields correctly, the package that url points to must also contain a .nimble file, or else it will be rejected.

The requirements might change in future.

Releasing a new package version

The version number in the directory is derived from git tags (not the version field in the .nimble script). To release a new version of a package, follow the instructions from the Nimble readme:

  • Increment the version in your .nimble file.
  • Commit your changes.
  • Tag your release, by for example running git tag v0.2.0.
  • Push your tags and commits.

Renaming packages

To rename a package you will need to add a new entry for your package. Simply perform the following steps:

  • Duplicate your package's current entry.
  • Remove every field in one of the entries apart from the name field.
  • Add an alias field to that entry.
  • Change the name in the other package entry.

For example:

    "name": "myoldname",
    "alias": "mynewname"
    "name": "mynewname",
    "url": "...",
    "method": "git",