List of packages for Nimble
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This is a central listing of all packages for Nimble, a package manager for the Nim programming language.

Adding your own package

To add your own package, fork this repository, edit packages.json and make a pull request.

Packages.json is a simple array of objects. Each package object should have the following fields (unless the field is marked as optional):

  • name - The name of the package, this should match the name in the package's nimble file.
  • url - The url from which to retrieve the package.
  • method - The method that should be used to retrieve this package. Currently "git" and "hg" is supported.
  • tags - A list of tags describing this package.
  • description - A description of this package.
  • license - The license of the source code in the package.
  • web - An optional url for humans to read additional information about the package.

Your packages may be removed if the url stops working. It goes without saying that your pull request will not be accepted unless you fill out all of the above required fields correctly, the package that url points to must also contain a .nimble file, or else it will be rejected.